Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Day Six.

Folksy Fooler's 6th Day Blog.

I have been so busy buying other peoples crafts, that I have not blogged as often as I should have. In fact I'm slightly concerned that I may have turned into the elusive sales fairy, problem being there are not wings strong enough to raise my bum off the sofa!

Just giving a quick recap, in descending order, of my items over the first six days of the list an item a day challenge during April 2010!

6th April:

Crinoid Fossil Jasper Keyring with silvertone findings.

5th April:

Spring Gold Knitted & Crocheted Handbag, which features a sparlking button bought from another Folksy artist (Jewel Lagoon)

4th April:

Wool Basket Weave & Tigers Eye Hand Knitted Handbag with Bead Strap

3rd April:

Lavender Jade Eternal Keyring / Handbag charm

2nd April:

Bow Peep, Crocheted Handbag, Blue Floral detail & Ribbon Handles

1st April:

Wise Owl Carved Jasper Keyring/handbag charm with Goldtone findings.

Feature Listings From Fellow Foolers!

There are some many wonderful crafts being developed by the other memebers of the Gang, so I have decided to feature some of my favourites from today's listings.


I hope you find the time to check out some of the wonderful crafters on Folksy, but in particular those in the List an Item a Day in April Gang! Thank you!


  1. Well done you for doing an item a day! I'm playing catch up! Love your crocheted handbag x

  2. Thank you Dottie! You know I am a big fan of yours!

    Natalie x