Saturday, 3 April 2010

Day Three Folksy Foolers

Getting Ready for Easter Bunny to Arrive!

Folksy Foolers!

It might seem odd to some people, but we have an Easter Tree in our house, well it's actually branches with painted and decorated eggs hanging from it!

We have done this in my family for as long as I can remember, carefully blowing out eggs, decorating them in a variety of ways and then adding a small peice of tooth pick and cotton so that it can be hung from branches.
Some of these eggs are as old as I am, some my Mum decorated and some are brand new, decorated by my children.

Day Three For Folksy Foolers!

The Folksy foolers, as I like to call us, have all been hard at work, some mad people have even been listing more than one item!

My listing yesterday was Bow Peep inspired crocheted handbag, with blue crocheted ribbon handles.

Todays listing was a Lavender Jade Eternal Knot Keyring, or handbag charm, with Goldtone findings.

Really pretty and wonderfully tactile!

Some of my favourite listing on day three for other mebers of the April Listing Club Gang!

From: lewisdesigns / Sue Lewis

From: accidentalvix

From: birgittadesigns / Birgitta Zoutman

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Thank You!


  1. Thanks ever so much for including my heart in your blog.


  2. Dear Sue, you are quite welcome.

    Natalie x

  3. I love your egg tree, I will definitely have to do this next year. Must start collecting the lovely wooden eggs! Heather : )

  4. Thank you, our eggs are actual chicken, duck, pheasant and quail eggs that we have blown out. Pierce the top and botton, poke a long needle, or skewer, through the yoke to break it and then litterally blow out the contents over a bowl. Rince out the inside and leave to dry, then decorate however you like.

    Warning though, it takes a lot of puff to blow out the eggs!!!!