Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I'm A Zibbeter Now Too!

After reading all the Folksy Forum threads on Zibbet, I thought I might as well join the throng!


So far I have only listed three items, all hand knitted and crocheted handbags, but I hope to list more in the future!
Please check me out on Zibbet too!
The three Items i have listed within this new venture for me are:

Jade Rainbow Trim Hand Knitted Handbag with Bead detail

Spring Green & Gold Hint Hand Knitted Handbag

Violet Gold! Hand Knitted and Crocheted Handbag with bead strap

Now back to the main business of this blog, to highlight day 13 of the Folksy Fooler, List and Item a Day Challenge!

I got a bit excited yesterday and listed two items, the first being this black and white crocheted handbag, featuring vintage faceted black glass buttons.


This very pretty Romantic Bunny Rose Quartz Gemstone Keyring / Handbag charm.

Today I listed this Hippy chic Patchwork Joy Hand knitted and crocheted handbag, which is fully lined and has a pair of Lucite handles.
This handbag utilises nine differing coloured yarns!

Just a quick review of some of the fab items listed today by other challenge gang members!


  1. Thanks for featuring my earrings.

    I love your bunny keyring and black and white bag.

    Good luck with Zibbet, lots of people seem to be joining.

  2. Your quite welcome!

    I love the blue beads you used in these earrings, they are a real statement piece.

    I'm keen to see how Zibbet works out too! Just went with the free option for now.

    Natalie x