Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Listing Club

Folksy Foolers!
Well here we are, at the start of our April Challenge!

A gang of Folksy Crafters, that have signed up to 'List an Item a Day' during the month of April 2010.

The mad fools that we are, have all agreed to attempt to list a variety items and support each other in the process, throughout April and I have coined us the Folksy Foolers for our maddness!

I myself, an obvious fool, have attempted to look less like one by choosing a wise owl as my first April listing, which can be found at: Goldtone-findings-?shop=yes

"A Beautifully tactile Wise Owl Carved Jasper Gemstone Keyring, or handbag charm, with Goldtone Findings.

The wonderful little owl figure has been carved from one solid piece of deep dark green jasper, which has natural variations of colour & cream flecks which can been seen most clearly on the eye of the owl.

It has been carved to the front & is flat on the back & then polished both front & back, so beautiful from both aspects..."

A list the April Listing Gang is below:

Please have a look at some of our products, as we rise the the challenge! We will all be working, litterally like mad fools, to keep the challenge going! And if you really like something, please feel free to purchase it, then we'll have more pennies to make another item to add to our April Challenge collection.

Some of my favourite listings for the first of April 2010 from my fellow Folksy Foolers!

From: redbirdjewellery / Becky Pearce

From: cardmakingprincess / Jillian Marshall

From: BoxofDelights

There are many more items from all the wonderful crafters, too many to show in this blog, please, please take a look at their sites. Over the next few days, I will post a new blog to show some of my other favoured items from my fellow Foolers and update you on the items I have listed during the challenge!
Good luck to all Fools during the April Listing Chellenge!


  1. well done all of you for committing to this, I wouldn't be able to keep up! Hope you all sell lots,

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words averilpam! And yes, I do hope it generates some sales for all of us!

    I'm such a fool that I have just noticed that in my good luck message at the end, I have spelt Challenge incorrectly!

    I am so made for this group!!!

    Natalie x