Sunday, 11 April 2010

Focus on Fossils!

Fossils and Fossil hunting is a real passion for me and my family, and preparing and stabilising them and eventually crafting with them is a real treat.

My lovely children have found this wonderful specimen embedded in the coastline at Kimmeridge, Dorset. Its quite far up the beach, so takes a little walk to find it. If you are ever visiting the area, see if you can find it! The sad thing is eventually it will be eroded away by the elements, but hopefully not in our life times, so should be enjoyed by generations to come.

Some of my 3D actual fossil pictures featuring polished and unpolished fossils, really mixing it up.

The Picture frames are simple and unfussy and the fossils are adhered onto white card backing with cream card tri-boarders.

I have these three pictures for sale in my Folksy shop!

Fossils as a statement piece in their own rite!

Rustic Ammonites and Ammonite 'Rainbow' ridge, located in a River Bed in Somerset.

(Below) A superb detailed Ammonite Fossil, Surprisingly heavy for its size!

Kimmeridge Slate bearing Ammonite fossils in relief.

The slate can easily flake and disintegrate, so I have prepared and stabilised the first specimen with marine varnish, which also brings out the contrast of the fossil in to sharper focus.

This fossil specimen is unprepared.

Fossils themselves are the inspiration and they capture the imagination of old and young alike, bringing prehistory to the present!


  1. Fab! My kids love fossil hunting too! We head to the beaches around Portland in Dorset - great fun!

  2. I adore Portland Bill, I love the wave action down there, I could sit for ours just watching the waves crashing on the rocks.

    Thanks Natalie x

  3. they are amazing, I love fossils

  4. Thank you averilpam, at least I'm not the only mad one out there!

    Natalie x

  5. I love fossil hunting. I have loads of sharks teeth and two pebble turtles!