Friday, 9 April 2010

My Water Babies!

Feeling blue! Need my holiday, why can't it be August now!!! So .... Just thought I share some pictures of my water loving family.
All the photo's are from our holidays in Sunny ... Warm .... Wonderful .... Cyprus!

I seem to have picked up a barnacle on my back!
Just my little girl hitching a lift, what else are Mummy's for!
Two little Cyrpus Frogs!
My two youngest enjoying messing about under water!

Back to school!
Even during our holiday!
My Eldest feeding the fish whist scuba diving!

Snorkel Tastic!
My boys literally turning into prunes! Don't think they ever get out of the water ... well unless food is on offer, of course!

Bubble Mania!
My Hubby and Son Diving and Posing together!

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my water mad family pics!


  1. Oooh makes me feel warmer already!

  2. Thank you for your comment! I must admit looking at my family, doing their favourite things, does make me smile!

    Natalie x