Thursday, 8 July 2010

July Jesters Day 8!

Fabric and Yarn Tastic!

As a lady I am naturally drawn to jewellery, and I feel my recent blog features have been heavy on the jewellery and gemstone side, but as a yarn crafter I adore materials and yarns, combining the two and seeing what can be created, so have decided to give over my whole July Jester blog features to Fabric and Yarn!

July Jesters Fabric & Yarntastic Treasury!

Beautiful fabric and yarn creations for you to enjoy!

These items are so well made, I’m sure anyone would love to own them. Please just click on the picture to be taken to the particular Folksy Jester’s shop for a full description and additional photo’s.

Personal Mini Treasury!

I double listed again today, something large in the form of a knitted and crocheted patchwork lap throw or baby blanket, which I also fully lined on the back with 100% cotton material.

The second item was a set of six handmade ceramic glazed buttons, in a floral shield design, however, these sold very early in the morning, whilst I was making my children’s packed lunches. Alongside the rainbow ridge ammonite fossil and Serpentine Jasper pendant I listed yesterday!

If you would like to review some of the other items in July Jesters Shops in even in mine, then please click on the pictures to see the full details and look at what else there is to offer too. Thank you!


  1. Thanks for featuring my keyring, Natalie!

    Some great picks. I especially love that orange floral bag - so bright and cheery. And your blanket is really funky; must have taken you ages to do.

    Sharon x

  2. Thank you so much for including my bag Natalie. Some lovel items again, and your ceramic buttons look lovely - I missed seeing those they sold so quickly - well done!! Di x

  3. Thanks for the featuring cheerymishmash :) I really like those buttons too, not surprised they got snaped up so quick :)

  4. OH Thank you for including my brooch Natalie, I am so addicted to fabric!...I love that bag and I know a lil boy who would love that monkey!...such talent.

    Marie x

  5. Thank you Natalie for featuring my make up bag loving Di'S bag and that monkey is just soooooooooo cute !
    Trish x

  6. Great blog as ever, Natalie - love the orange tote bag!

    Jacqueline x

  7. Great picks! Love the bag charm, it's so cute. Your buttons are beautiful :-)