Thursday, 15 July 2010

Half Way House!

July Jester's still going strong,
Fifteen days of listing on,
Crafting is really beginning to flow
Only sixteen more days of listing to go.

An August Club will be the next thing,
to capture folksters and make them bring
new crafts and creations to your screens,
and challenge folksy patrons to buy all seen!

The July Jesters sales tally is growing longer each day and the number of sales increasing, it is great to see how everyone supports and promotes each other, a real crafting community!

Personal Mini Treasury!

I had a bit of a listing mania this morning and listed a peaches and cream handbag, a Fluffy delicious little girls Jacket and some fossil ammonites just waiting to be made into jewellery!

July Jester Creature Feature Treasury!

The Jester listings today were so wonderful and I decided to feature some of those items with a creature feature or inspiration from the listings of today.

Beautiful Pussy cat sun catcher!

A thoroughly beautiful handbag with floral butter fly material

A stunning Butterfly card in rainbow colours!

A sweet as Cherries Bear, a little girls dream!

A Beautiful Birthday card any child would love!

A beautiful and realistic spider brooch!

I hope you like some of the creature features today and if so link to the folksy shop in question by clicking on the pictures. Thank you!


  1. Thank you for picking my cat and I absolutely love that spider!!!

  2. Thank you for chosing my butterfly card Natalie!! All great choices today! Tracey x

  3. Great choices! That broach is scary! Love Tracey's card too

  4. 15 days gone already! lots of beautiful items :) xx

  5. Thank you for featuring my card and for someone who does not like spiders i really like that brooch

    Claire :)