Sunday, 4 July 2010

July Jester Day 4!

July Jesters Trilogy!

I have been a bit busy today, trying to set up my free website that Leanne from alerted us to in folksy forum today.

It was supposed to take me 20 mins to set up, 2 hours later and a basic job was done, but that says more about me than anything else I think. I have added a direct link to the side of my blog, which surprise, surprise looks very much like the picture at the side here.

As I have been a bit preoccupied today, I have decided to feature three, hence the trilogy of the title, of three really stunning items today, but to be honest, there were so many stunning things today, I found it very difficult to force myself to choose just three items.

July Jester Trilogy Treasury!

Firstly we have a set of 10 stunning recycled oriental themed tags from Swirlyarts.

Then we had these stunning turquoise and gold coloured earrings from Iyobo Designs, just perfect for the summer months!

And my final choice for today's July Jester blog was this very pretty necklace from Fairly Girly. This necklace has a stunning focal lampwork bead.

Personal Mini Treasury!

Keeping with my theme this week of listing two items, so that hopefully before I fly off on my hols, I will have listed my compliment of 31 items.

The first of my items was a display ammonite fossil, but this time in relief, making it a little different.

And the second item was a keyring with a twist, a tumble stone of Labradorite, set onto a stiff braided cotton cord, with jadeite beads.

All of these items can be viewed in more detail by clicking on the links below and visiting the folksy artisans shops. If you are in the mood for something unique, handmade, crafted or just totally stunning, please visit Folksy and the July Jesters, you will not be disappointed.


  1. Oh wow - thank you for featuring me :)

  2. Wow your necklace is stunning!!!

  3. I thought your keyring was a necklace, but it's stunning, I love it.

  4. If you had a very small head circumferance you could wear it as a necklace LOL!

    I wanted to make a keyring with the tumble stone, but was worried that my usual fitments might not be correct, so decided on cord instead, scoobie making has some advantages.

    Natalie x

  5. Thanks for featuring my necklace. I have another lovely one for tomorrow :-0)

  6. The keyring is really lovely, I really like the colours.

    Thanks for the mention and hopefully it didn't lead to anyone still sitting at 2am trying to sort their new websites out:)

  7. More stunning labradorite. Yum yum!
    Great choices from other Jesters. I love fairly girly's pendant too