Wednesday, 7 July 2010

July Jesters Day 7!

July Jiggling Jesters!

Personal Mini treasury from over the last couple of days!

Sorry I was so pooped after my trip to London yesterday, that I did not get time to blog!

Happy Dance Day!

I have been busily happy dancing for soooo many July Jesters sales today, it has been phenomenal!

Kokokelli has even had a celeb sale today! You can't get much better than that!

In continued celebration, I am going to list a Yay sales Treasury and feature some sellers that had a sale today.

Yay! July Jester Treasury!

If you would like to view these items and other items by these lovely Folksy Folk, please click on the shop links below the pictures.


  1. Awwwww thanks for featuring my Kokokelli item in your blog am honoured :o) there's lots of lovely Jester items floating round at the moment xXx

  2. aww it's good to see so many people doing so well with the jestering :) xx

  3. I can't believe how well we are doing! It seems everytime I look at the July Jester post there has been at least one more sale. What a busy sales fairy, lets hope she's got plenty of stamina left for the rest of July!

    Love Kitty xXx

  4. Thank-you for including my little mosue in such a lovely collection Natalie. I particularly love Kate's work at Glassmountain. I bought two pieces from her shop this week and they were absolutely delightful! Sarah x

  5. Hi and thanks for featuring my card today - I'm worn out from all the happy dancing! x

  6. Thank you for including me in your blog! Love all the items here

  7. Thankyou for including me in your YAY post. I love everything you've shown, especially the mouse and beautiful bracelet. And thankyou Sarah too.

    Kate x

  8. Fantastic picks from the day. I love your listings too. Especially your pendant