Saturday, 3 July 2010

July Jesters Day 3!

Jester’s Jump!

I have missed a couple of days of July Jester’s blogs, due to sorting our my July Gemstone Giveaway, so am ‘Jumping’ a day and listing some of my faves from today’s listings to show you.

July Jesters sales tally has also ‘jumped’, we are already starting to see sales rolling in for July Jesters, so hoping for a good month of sales! Personally, I have already had two sales, a display fossil and my sea sediment Jasper pendant from the first day!

July Jesters Eclectic Treasury!

There is no theme to my treasury today, just yummy items, one of which I have bought, the adult T’shirt from Cheerymishmash for my 17 yr old son! And other’s I have faved or am keeping a very close eye on, need some more sales to come my way, so I can BUY, BUY, BUY without feeling too guilty!

Kettle of Fish cheerymishmash moody cow designs

JAustenJewelleryDesign Ickle Imogen Damselfly Gemma

There have already been some totally stunning items, innovative, imaginative and just purely beautiful, you will be spoilt for choice. Please click on the item picture or the link below them to go to these wonderful folksters shops for a closer view and more info

Personal Mini Treasury!

As I will have to leave the July Jesters early in the month, due to going away on my hols, I have been double listing for the first three days. Luckily as mentioned above, two items have already sold, so am going to show you my listings for July that are still in my shop.

If you would like to review some of the other items in June Loons Shops in even in mine, then please click on the pictures to see the full details and look at what else there is to offer too. Thank you!


  1. Oooh! Thanks for featuring my hairclip Natalie. I've got my eye on a fair few of your other picks too.
    Love your listings, esp the pendant although I have a bit of an anti scoobie thing after working in an all girls school about 6 years ago. Lost count as to how many that had to get confiscated cos the little pets were doing them in lessons!!

  2. Thanks for the mention :O) The tshirt is packed up and ready to go first post Monday x

  3. Lovely selection. A lot of my favourites too, although my list is longer ;-)

  4. Thanks for another great blog Natalie and also for featuring my Blue Coral necklace. So glad you like it.

    How on earth do you get the time to do scoobies? Must take you ages!

    Jacqueline x

  5. Thank you for featuring The moody cow bag ,you have picked some great items and I am loving the ample goddess keyring in your shop!!
    Trish xx

  6. Lovely choices again, there is just too much to choose from isn't there? How you're managing to list 2 a day I don't know - respect as they say!! Di x

  7. I won't be listing two a day all the way through! LOL! But as I am going on my hols before the end of the month, want to make sure I complete the challenge before I go.

    Natalie x