Friday, 2 July 2010

Gemstone Give-Away Winner!

Massive Gemstone Give-Away Winner!

My youngest son decided to get involved with picking the winner for the July Gemstone Give-away, and due to his wild imagination, came up with popping all the name entries on folded pieces of paper, then on his tennis racket and jumping up and down on the trampoline until only one piece of paper was left!

How many bounces did it take?

And another bounce!

Until only one entry was left!

And all the other pieces were left on the trampoline!

And .... drum roll please .... the winner was

Gemma of DamselFlyGemma!

I have a good idea which gemstone keyring / handbag charm Gemma would like,but as soon as Gemma has let me know which one it is definitely, I will post picture.

This is the item chosen by Gemma, a wonderful Labradorite Heart gemstone Keyring or handbag charm.

It will be beating a path to you shortly Gemma!


  1. What a great way to choose a winner! :)


  2. Oooh! Thats me!!! And what a fantabulous way to pick! I'm pretty sure I know which one but will just have a looksee through your shop again just in case

  3. Well done Gemma! Great way to pick Natalie!

  4. Well done! Hope your son had fun choosing!

  5. Well done, Gemma. I like the sound of this being the "JULY" gemstone giveaway - does that mean we get another chance next month? I'm in!

  6. Well done Gemma, what a lovely prize to win, Di x
    Love the imaginative ideas for picking the winners!

  7. Your kids always make me smile when you blog about them. Hope mine are this imaginative and creative when they are older.