Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sporting Cards!

Feeling Sporty!

I have a glut of male birthdays, son's, brother-in-law's, Father-in-law, nephew's and not to forget Father's Day on the horizon, so have been looking out for suitable cards for my men, small and large alike!

Since I have joined Folksy, I buy all my cards from the fabulous card creators and their Folksy shops, you just can't beat the value and originality available, there is always something suitable, the problem being, for me, is that I buy too many, so I have a huge stock already at home, but then at least I am prepared for every eventuality!

My men folk, old and young alike, are very sporty, either actually taking part or watching and supporting, so have dedicated this blog to some of the fabulous sporty cards I have found today.

Sporty Gallery!

Please come and 'take your mark', 'get ready, steady and go' to these fabulous shops, 'take aim' and be ready to be 'bowled over'' by their wonderful designs!

I hope you have enjoyed my sporting card gallery and will champion these shops for your future card purchases.


  1. Lovely selection Natalie. I don't have a huge number of men in my family, but none of them are very sporty! As I make my own cards it is always difficult to choose an appropriate image for their card!! Can still take some inspiration from this selection though! So many thanks!

  2. Thanks for including my card Natalie :) Both my Dad and boyfriend are very sporty so they're very easy to buy cards for, lovely collection!

    Leanne x x

  3. Brilliant theme and fab selection, my favourite is definitely Leanne's from Ello Design. x

  4. Thanks for featuring my golf ball card in this great selection!

    Debbie x