Sunday, 13 May 2012

Feeling Patriotic

Feeling Patriotic!

United we stand!
The Queen in Command!

The Union View!
Red, White and Blue!

Jubilee preparations,
Diamond Celebrations!

Happy to be seen,
Our Diamond Queen!

Patriotic Gallery!

Lots of red, white and blue in the high street, in our homes and on Folksy at the moment, everyone has patriotic fervour, proud to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of our Queen, from all four corners of our wonderful country and beyond! 

Its wonderful that we can all take part in celebrating together, quietly or out loud, privately or within the community, there are many ways people are commemorating the Diamond Jubilee.

So I have chosen a few of my favourite patriotic items to show you, please 'flag' up these items, by clicking on them, to see them 'happy and glorious' in their shops.

I hope you have enjoyed my patriotic blog today!


  1. Love it! Thank you for featuring my union jack applique in a frame. Zoe x

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  3. Thank you for including my union jack beadwork brooch!

  4. Lovely selection Natalie and very patriotic!
    Thanks for including my bracelet. I can't choose a particular favourite- they are all fab!
    Louisa x

  5. Fab! Thanks for including my time capsule :o)

    Dottie x

  6. Great collection, Natalie. Smashing Blog, very clever.
    Thank you for including me

  7. Lots of red, white and blue - lovely selection!

  8. yes, I'm enjoying all the red and blue things too, just hope we get some nice weather for celebrating in:)
    crow cottage

  9. Gorgeous selection! And with the brighter weather this weekend, I'm feeling almost festive! Thanks for including my wee mouse :)
    Kirsten x