Friday, 1 July 2011

Mix and Match Blog Give-away winner!

And the Winner is.....

Thank you everyone who took part in my Mix and Match Blog Give-away Competition to win the chance to spend £20.00 in my shop, or to have it in a voucher form to spend at a later date or give to a friend.

We had Chinese for tea tonight, as hubby was home for the weekend .... and we have just been paid! Yay!

So the children decided to draw the name with chopsticks from one of my hand knitted and crocheted handbags, the problem being my camera is not working very well at the moment, so I'm afraid you are going to have to take my word for it.

After various attempts and much giggling, we realised the only child of mine with dexterity in the use of chop sticks was my 11 year old daughter, who put her two older brothers to shame.

And the lucky winner is......

Drum roll please!

I will email Jan to let her know, and if she is happy to announce her choice, I will update the blog to say what she has chosen to do with her £20.00 win or voucher.

Thank you all once again!

Winning Choices!

Yay Jan has noticed she has won, so let me show you what our worthy winner chose.

The White Yorkshire Rose crocheted Corsage.

And the African Blood Jasper Heart Pendant!

Both of these winning choices will be wending their merry way to Jan's house on Monday morning.

Thank you all once again for taking part, and look out for future blog comps after the summer hols!


  1. Great way to choose a winner and well done Jan - have fun spending your voucher! Thanks again Natalie for offering us all the chance to win such a generous prize!

    Dawn xx

  2. that sounds like loads of fun! i spent 3 months in china and learnt to use chopsticks on the first night- it was that or starve! lol

    mind you, im rruuuubbbish now! :oO

    congratulations jan! :o)


  3. Hi
    I can't believe it but I will let Natalie update the blog to let you all know what I have chosen.
    Keep you all in suspense a little longer.
    A big thank you to Natalies daughter for having the skill to use the chop sticks and for chosing me, and to Natalie for being so generous in her giveaway.

    Jan X

  4. Sounds like you had load of fun! My blog giveaway is finishing soon - 3 more followers to find - and I'm so excited about picking a winner. My daughter will be assisting me, probably not with chopsticks though...Well done, Jan.

  5. How exciting, glad you enjoyed your chinese. Well done to the lucky winner Jan.

    Lynda x

  6. Congratulations Jan and thanks to Natalie for the great giveaway! Sue :)