Friday, 1 July 2011

Folksy Friday! Flight!


Whether it be flights of fancy, thoughts of warmer climes or just wanting to get away from it all, my choice for a Folksy Friday theme this week is flight!

So have decided to feature some gorgeous items that have flying creatures as their main focus of attention.

If you would like to see these items in more detail, please click on the picture to flutter across to the shops in question, for all the details and yet more wonderful pictures.

A stunning owl necklace, i know their are lots of owl fans and collectors, so sure to a hit twoo0 for someone.
Dare to be noticed in this gorgeous creation, very 'Sex in the City'.

Sparkle and summer fun with this beautiful necklace.

Cute and the epitome of endeavour with this lovely little bumble bee glass creation.

Which lady would not love to receive this delicate birthday card?!?
And I hope you don't mind me including one of my own creations today, having a bit of a bird fest with my embroidery at the moment, this is the latest in my bird series.

I hope you have enjoyed my flight of fancy and will check out the shops in question.

Thank you.


  1. A flurry of feathered friends. Great pics Natalie.

  2. Awwww your budgie is sweet!! Thank you for allowing my little bee to join in too!

  3. oh wow! thank you so much for picking my birdie natalie :o)

    such a fab selection and so very varied...god (or other chosen deity!) love folksy sellers! :oD

    thanks again,


  4. Great selection,
    And you should include your fantastic work, it's amazing love seeing what you stitch next.

    Been catching up and browsing the last few weeks as well.
    wow missed some great items.
    {Dab and a dash.}

  5. Oooo thanks Natalie, for including Mr Owl with all the feathered lovelies! I was wavering over one of Sophies birdy fascinators but went for flowers in the end, but there's always another payday... :)

    And your birds should take pride of place, they are wonderful - as Mr Nightingale is looking down on me right now!

    Thanks again,
    Flo x

  6. Thank you Natalie for including my butterfly card in your selection today. I have a feeling July is gonna be an even better month for sales on Folksy.