Sunday, 3 July 2011

July Jewels! Daily Listing Club!

July Jewels!

This months daily listing club challenge has started and already well into their monthly collective sales tally, which is amazing as we are only on day three!

The name most popular and voted for by those taking part was July Jewels, so whenever we have a sale, 'we', or should I say 'I' do a Jewel Jiggle, which has already been mentioned, brings to mind belly dancing routines, LOL. Its just a good thing the computer screens are not linked up with mini cams, as it would not be a pretty sight.

Jewel Feature Gallery!

I decided that my first July Jewel blog would feature fabric crafts, not to go with the obvious link to the name.

My listing today was actual named Jewel in the title, an embroidered yarn on felt Green Humming bird ACEO.

Some other gorgeous fabric finds today are below, please click on the pictures to view the items in greater detail, and feel the cloth, so to speak.

I hope you have enjoyed my fabric finds and will visit each shop, as these are just gorgeous.

Thank you!


  1. I love looking at different fabrics, and wondering where they came from. great picks natalie :)

  2. Great fabric finds there Natalie, thank you so much for including my purple power shoulder bag.

    Lynda x

  3. Great collection of goodies Natalie
    Jan X