Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Simple Pleasures Teacher's Gifts.

Teacher's Gifts Continued!

Simple Pleasures!

Thank you for all the support on the previous teacher's gift idea blogs I have posted, and as you can see, I have continued the theme again today, but would like to feature simple and nostalgic gift ideas today and yet again, all these craft items fall into the £5.00 and below category.

I have three little embroidered yarn on card ACEO's to share with you, which all have a child like charm about them.

A gorgeous thank you card for the teacher, what could be more perfect.

Such a pretty button and bead wire ring, I feel the pupil may have difficulty handing it over the the teacher!
A gorgeous thistle floral brooch, maybe for those pupils who have been a little prickly.

Beautiful little change purse, in calming colours, just perfect to sooth frazzled nerves at the end of a hectic school year.

Nostalgia in bucket loads with this traditional style Dorset Button.

Traditional Kimono silk fabric glasses case, a touch of luxury too.

Nostalgia and childlike charm, perfect.

I hope you have enjoyed the latest in my teacher's gifts ideas, please click on the pictures to be transported back to the classroom, sorry folksy shops.

Thank you!


  1. Ooh thank you for featuring my Dorset Button!

    Lisa x

  2. lovely selection hun :o) xXx

  3. Thank you for including my Molly Painting, never thought of is as a teacher present but that's because my two left school a few years ago.

    Max x

  4. So many lovely items, thank you for including my ring :)

  5. Aaah, Thank you for including my coin purse. So kind.

  6. Thanks for including my card Natalie! A really nice selection and all under £5.00! :)

    Leanne x x

  7. the thistle brooch is stunning and so is 'Molly' :))