Friday, 3 June 2011

Folksy Friday! Pigs!

Its Piggin Friday!

Yay! Friday and Folksy Friday time again! Where does the week go!?!

This week I have been trying to get to terms with stumbling on Stumble Upon and the time has just flown by, not sure if I know what I'm doing with it as yet, but am making the effort, have even popped a stumble button on the top of my blog, apparantly it helps to high light your blog and of course all of the items and shops I feature for my friends, giving an even wider audience to UK Crafters. Lets hope so anyway.

But just in case, pigs might fly, I thought today I'd feature some pig items from my folksy friends in my Piggin Folksy Friday Feature.

Please click on the picture to 'trot' to the folksy shop in question, where you can 'sty' sorry stay a little while. LOL! Or should I say Oink Oink!

I hope you have enjoyed my Piggin Folksy Friday!

Thank You!


  1. What a lovely cheerful collection! I had been admiring Mild's snorkelling pig earlier! Thank you for including my brooch!


  2. Aren't pigs cute!! I'm off to stumble you :))
    Miss Mary xx

  3. I haven't ried stumble upon... yet! Good luck with it!
    Great piggy finds. Prissy is very cute

  4. A lovely collection, made me smile.
    Stumble does bring more traffic to your shop and blog, if you check google analytics you can see how many more. Linda

  5. I love all the cute pigs, give me some of that flying pig powder!
    Thanks for showing off my snorkler porker,
    Millie xx