Thursday, 23 June 2011

Folksy Friday! Musical Harmony!

Musical Harmony!

After the recent ups and down in the folksy forums, with threads moving into differing forums from their normal home situation, and the upset and confusion that it caused all round, I felt there a little harmony and music would be a good idea to calm the nerves and bring us back into the flow and rhythm needed for artistic endeavours, so please be soothed by these wonderful folksy finds, all with a musical theme.

Harmonious Feature Gallery!

Please click on the pictures to sing and dance your way over to these lovely Folksy shops and enjoy the lilt and wave of these beautiful items, fitting into the rhythm and the beat as appropriate to your particular musical tastes.

I hope you have enjoyed my harmonious and musical themed items this Friday and find the time to visit these shops for the full recital.

Thank you!


  1. Wow, there's defiantly music in the air this Friday because I've just posted my Folksy Friday blog on... yup you've guessed it... music!

    Some lovely items here that I seemed to have overlooked on my search!

    Sarah xx

  2. Lovely theme. I especially like Sim Ja Ta`s bag.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my musical heart. xx

  4. Thanks for the harmony this morning. I designed my FF when I was feeling blue after the thread changes the other day. I feel better after the recital!

  5. Excellent choices...Afterall, it's a Funky(music) Friday!

  6. What a fab selection, they do look good all together. I love Sew Happy's heart to start us off there.
    Thank you for including my Art Deco Music Bag in your theme.

    Lynda x

  7. Groovy selection. It's obviously been so confusing on the boards that I hadn't noticed any angst! X

  8. Lovely choices :) especially love the steampunkstorm card! x

  9. Love the bag from bags of swank, the monchrome looks great.
    Jan X

  10. Thanks so much for featuring my necklace amongst such gorgeous muscial goodies. All fab but esp love the bag