Thursday, 16 June 2011

Folksy Friday, Gifts for Teachers!

Teacher's Gifts!

As we approach the end of exams and the end of another school year, it will soon be time to search out a perfect gift for your child's teacher.

This was a new idea to me until I had children of my own. When I was growing up, you might have made your teacher a card, or drawn them a picture, but today seems to be a whole different ball game and I must admit to being astounded as to what sorts of gifts other parents were giving to the teachers, some of them incredibly expensive, something I was unable to do.

Luckily, for my children I was in a position to make something for my children to give their teachers, which was great, and I even receive requests from some staff as to what gift they might like, a bit cheeky, but at least I knew they appreciated what I made for them.

Now I know I can not be the only one that finds it hard to find the funds to buy expensive items for a teacher, especially if you have more than one teacher to provide for, so I have looked around some of my folksy friends shops, to find unique and wonderful items, that won't break the bank balance and yet will look like you have put a massive amount of thought into finding that perfect gift.

ItalicTeacher Gift Gallery.

As I wanted to give you a wide selection to peruse, I have popped smaller pictures in my blog than normal, but if you would like to see a larger image, please click on the picture for the full impact and all the details of the lovely items.

All of the items chosen fall well below the £10.00 price range, I think the most expensive being £8.50 and the least expensive being £2.50.

I hope you have enjoyed my gift guide, there were so many more I would have liked to include, but please take a browse in Folksy itself and I am sure you'll find something suitable for every teacher and personality.

Thank you!


  1. Great blog Natalie. Thank you for featuring my earrings. I love your crocheted hair accessories and Eccentric Ella's headhugger would be really good for those winter playground duties.

    Thanks again

    Anna x

    P.S. I shall attempt to stumble this............

  2. Some great ideas there natalie... always appreciated!

  3. Thanks for including my butterfly earrings Natalie - some lovely things here, a real cross section of folksy! Now my daughter is 15 though I think a medal would be more appropriate for her teachers this year...!

    Flo :)

  4. Thanks Natalie, Great blog as always!

  5. Great idea for a blog post Natalie. Love the owls. Thank you for featuring my flower brooch (CottonsAndDreams).

  6. Great theme for a blog. Wonderful selection. Thank you so much for including my phone case, I appreciate it.

  7. Thanks so much for including my post-it note holder Natalie! I'm sure any teacher would be thrilled to receive any of these lovely handmade gifts!

    Dawn x

  8. Lovely ideas for teacher pressies. Thanks for including my owl writing set x

  9. what a fab collection and thank you sooo much for featuring my make-up loving your corsages and Cotton and Dreams brooch...with the number of terms in a year that's an awful lot of teachers pressies to buy lol lol

  10. Thanks for including me in your blog. A bit freaky but moments prior to going to my dashboard I was discussing teacher gifts with my hubby and going off to look for inspiration. Spooky. Thanks for the inspiration.