Thursday, 7 October 2010

October Folkfest! 7th October!

The Men in our Lives!

It will come as no surprise that half the population of the country is male, and that at some time, they will have a birthday, or require a gift for Christmas, an anniversary or other such occasion, but have you noticed that the majority of crafting items do seem to be aimed at the female market?

So, in honour of the men in our lives, or even if you are a male reader of this blog, here are some things that I have found, within the October Folkfester shops just for you!

Please click on the picture to find our more information on the items and visit the sellers shop.

A beautiful Opal Ring set in a substantial amount of sterling silver.

A stunning bottle stopper in Zebra stripes!

Unique cuff links to 'watch' out for!

VW or not VW that is the question! I find the answer is always yes!

New and exciting ventures with this silver pendant!

A beautiful Autumn print!

Can I please just point out, that although I was looking for gifts that men might enjoy, this is not to say that ladies would not appreciate these items too! I know I would be happy to be given any of these, so if you feel like buying me a gift .....?

Personal Feature items!

I too have dabbled with some gifts that gents might like!

A crocheted slate grey hat, made of two yarns, wool and silk for that little touch of luxury.

And I had some yarns left over, so decided to make some larger style mug cosies in wool and silk, for the big mug in your life!

If you feel you or the man in your life might like one of these items, please click on a picture, to be taken to the folksy shop of your choice.


  1. Some really great gift ideas (got my eye on a couple of them now), and thanks so much for including one of my items! Vicky.

  2. Great items!! I love those cufflinks :)

    Dottie x

  3. Lovely collection for men, generally we tend to sideline men when crafting or designing.Natalie thanks listing for men.I must forward this link to my husband.

    BTW thanks for featuring my maple seeds print.
    Spreading a word in my FB & twitter.


  4. Men are sooooooo difficult to buy for...great folkfest finds Natalie

  5. Thank you so much for featuring gifts for men. It is always so difficult to get them something unusual and hand made. I love your hat, by the way - my husband would look wonderful in it!
    Thank you for featuring my Korite Opal gents ring. I am so pleased you liked it!

    Jacqueline x