Wednesday, 20 October 2010

October Folkfest! 20th October!

Auspicious Date!


How cool is that! Little things amuse me, so on this auspicious date, I have decided to feature 20 items from 20 Folkfest Folksy artisans and crafter's, showcasing a wonderful range of crafts, from fine and costume jewellery, papercraft, woodwork, ceramics and modelling and so much more.

I won't spend too much time describing all the chosen items today, instead I leave it to the crafts to speak for themselves!

Please just click on the pictures to be whisked to the folksy shops for full details and to have a more in depth view of the item.

Personal Feature Gallery!

I have listed a few items since I last blogged, but as there are so many pictures for you to look at, I will just feature the two items I listed today!

Thank you so much, I hope you enjoyed my mega gallery post!


  1. What a great blog! I must live on another planet as the date hadn't registered with me at all!

    Thank you for featuring my Druzy Agate pendant in with all the other wonderful Folksters creations. Your hat and gloves set is lovely - I bet they won't be in your shop for too long, Natalie!

    Love Jacqueline x

  2. Thanks for including mr bee :-) lovely selection there!

    Katie x

  3. Don't worry, Jacqueline, I hadn't noticed the date either 'til I read Natalie's post.
    Natalie, I think the choices you put here are really fab - I love that handbag, particularly.

  4. Great collection and love the pigs..

  5. Fab Selection Natalie, thank you for including my necklace.
    Max :o) x

  6. Ta muchly Natalie! Thanks for featuring my mug cosy - I love that one, I think it's been seriously under-appreciated!

    Everyone's listed lovely lovelies and I particularly like your hat and gloves set! Great colours!!

  7. I hadn`t noticed the significance of the date either. What a brilliant selection! Thanks so much for including my scarflet/necklet. Linda

  8. Oh yeah - 2010 2010! I hadn't noticed!
    Lovely selection of wonderful things! Can't wait to browse through all twenty shops!
    Thanks for featuring my piggies :)

  9. Thanks for pointing out the date, I'm going to pass it on at work today. Thanks for showing my little glove keyring.Lovely stuff, I really admire the recycled yarn card,have a good day, Millie xx

  10. Thank you Natalie.
    Really great selection, smashing colours

  11. What a massive post with loads of yummy goodies! I can't get over the amazingness of the newspaper yarn though it is very exciting (I recently bought a drop spindle!)
    Thanks so much for featuring my lace pendant

  12. What a great selection. I hadn't realised the date either!

  13. wow what a great selection, the little pigs are soooo cute! i hadnt noticed the date either. xx

  14. thank you so much for featuring my little purse on such an auspicious day loving the newspaper yarn ,that is incredible, the ceramic leaf bowl and sock bouquet are pretty cool as well. Love the colour of your hat and mittens tooooooooo xx

  15. thanks for including my springer spaniel trivet :) really nice selection
    DC x

  16. I didn't even notice the date either:) Thanks so much for including my little bag charm too.

    Leanne xx

  17. wow, that's a lot of great items to be feature amongst - thanks! As you know I love your hats, might need to wear a few at once if it gets any colder ;)


  18. What a great idea and blog post!

    Thanks so much for including me amongst these beautiful creations!

    Jen x