Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wood Works!

Tree Hugger!

Anybody else love Wood!?!

I think I am a tree hugger, without the dreadlocks or Swappy hashtag, but defo a wood lover, no euphemism intended!

I just love mother nature, she is amazing.  I adore fossils and gemstones and equally wood, both in its natural and worked with state, so thought I would share some creations that are made from wood and inspired by it too. to show you today!

Please just click on the pictures to 'twig' which shop and creator is behind them, and 'branch' out to see the other amazing items that are available.

I hope you have enjoyed my featured items and will visit the forests, sorry, shops in question.

Thank you!


  1. Lovely selection of things - I love anything to do with forests, trees etc - you might guess from my shop name!

    Thanks so much for including my wood and ruby zoisite earrings. They are quite unusual!

    Alison (aka Blue Forest Jewellery)

  2. A lovely selection. Thank you for including my shelf, much appreciated.


  3. Beautiful work, thank you for includng one of my Key Rings

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