Friday, 9 November 2012

Folksy Friday! Men's Cards!

Card's for Men!

Is it only me that finds it hard to locate cards for men?!?  Well since I joined Folksy I no longer have this concern, cards in abundance for our lovely guys, be they big or little, father or son, friend or dare I say it foe!

I do find that I stock pile cards, so I always have one to hand in readiness for the birthday or occasion that creeps up on me unexpectedly, because lets face it, time is moving much quicker these days, I turn around and a week has gone by in a flash!

So have decided to showcase some Gent's cards for you today from my Folksy friends, perfect for all occasions and ideal to pop away for that upcoming event you may have coming up, as the boy scout say, 'be prepared!'

Card Gallery!

Please just click on the picture to be flown, shipped, flicked or shot across to the shop in question, where you can not only see these gorgeous cards in all their glory, but many more you may want to pop into your card stock pile.

Thank you for visiting my Folksy Friday today and I hope you have found a card perfect for your little or large man of the house.


  1. You've found some really good cards Natalie.
    I think my favourite one is Max's. With all the little things boys keep in their pockets.
    Shirley x

  2. They're great, Natalie. My other half loves all that vintage travel stuff.

  3. Great selection Natalie - I love the King of Cool one!
    Thanks for featuring my guitar,
    Emma x (Clarkie Designs)

  4. Thanks for including my King of Cool card Natalie, so glad it's not just me who has difficult men to buy/make for :-)
    Diane x

  5. Lovely selection of cards for the men. I always like to keep some handy too.


  6. A lovely selection of cards for the men Natalie. I like to keep some to hand too.