Friday, 2 November 2012

November Rockets!

Goodbye October Optimists - Hello November Rockets!

We have come to the end of another month and therefore need to say goodbye to the October Optimists Daily Listing Club, who forged onwards, ever in search of more creative endeavours, ever optimistic that even in these difficult economic times, people would be in search of quality gifts as we approach the Christmas festive season, and were rewarded in a fantastic collective sales tally of 449 sales in total, with the wonderful Susan of the Dottery Pottery who bagged an amazing 68 sales all on her own.

November Rockets!

Onward and literally upwards with the November Rockets daily listing club!

The daily listers voted for a favourite name for the month ahead and felt that Rockets would be a good name, as we race forward in our endeavours and ever upwards in our aims to create sparkling and show stopping crafts to stun and amaze all.

Rocket Gallery!

Our Galaxy Quest has already begun and the first day alone saw 19 collective sales!  So thought it might be advisable to let you see some of the stunning creations already available within the November Rockets Display!

Please just click on the picture to light to blue touch paper, then stand back and you'll be whooshed across to the item display in question!

I hope you have enjoyed our first Rocket display, I am sure there will be many more to come!


  1. Great post Natalie and thanks so much for including me!!

    Maria x

  2. A lovely selection! Those buttons are so pretty and tempting but I am trying to resist!! Thank you for including my journal. Edwina :-)

  3. Great blog Natalie. Susan did really well with her sales. But her pottery is so lovely she deserves it.
    Now we all need to bribe the Sales Fairy to come to all the other shops on folksy as well.

    Shirley x

  4. I'm glad to be joining the November Rockets and wish us all lots of luck for a sparkling display of sales. Lovely choices to start us off. See you tomorrow at the craft fair Natalie :) Shaz x

  5. I knew that journal was one of Edwina's before I even clicked on it. Well done to all you who keep listing.
    crow cottage