Friday, 17 August 2012

Return to Folksy

Return from Holiday!

Sorry I have been AWOL, but have been on holiday and following all the unpacking, washing, drying, putting away, shopping and cleaning, I feel I need another holiday!

This year I went away before the end of July, so was unable to close out the July Jugglers Daily listing club, but thankfully and most gratefully a rota of wonderful Jugglers carried the flag for the Jugglers and continued the thread for me, which was not only kind and thoughtful but fantastic too!  The collective sales tally for the July Jugglers was an amazing 219 sales!

Our leading seller with a personal tally of 15 sales, was Shirley of WhimsyWooDesigns.

The rota of wonderful sellers and Daily listers kindly commenced the start of the August Daily listing club for me, the most popular name being voted for was the Augusteers, and not only handled the start of the thread each morning, but tallied up the collective sales and happy danced for the sellers in a vary festive and summery manner throughout the days until I returned.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

We have already surpassed 100 collective sales this month, so looking favourable to match last month's collective sales tally!

Augusteers Feature Gallery!

One for all and all for one!

I felt it would be great to feature and showcase some of the lovely Folksy finds from the Augusteers this month, there is no theme, just some items I found and really liked and felt that they went well together.

Please click on the picture to view the item in more detail and get even more wonderful photographs and information to whet your appetites.

I hope you have enjoyed the Folksy finds and find some time to visit these gorgeous shops I have featured.


  1. Thanks for mentioning me Natalie. I hadn't realised that I was the top one of us for sales last month.

    A big thanks to Leanne See The Woods - she was the main person to keep the thread going while you were away.
    Shirley x

  2. A gorgeous selection. Nice to have you back Natalie.


  3. Thanks for including my kindle case, Natalie. It really is great to have you back again and I'm glad you had a nice break, I'm not sure how you do it month after month after month;)

    Leanne xx