Friday, 13 July 2012

Buzzing Folksy Friday!


It's Folksy Friday time again and for once we actually have some sunshine here in Berkshire, but I'm sure the rain will arrive shortly, just to make us feel at home!  However the bee's are out in my garden making the most of the little bit of dry weather whilst they can.

In fact the clouds are gathering whilst I type, so hopefully the buzzing bees can get back to safety before it pelts down again!

So to celebrate these industrious little creatures I have a bee inspired Folksy Friday for us to enjoy today, with both the cute and the realistic bees in all their glory.

Please just hover over and land on the picture of your choice, to buzz across to the hive in question where the bee resides and see all the sweet goodness that the industrious and hard working hive manager has created.

I hope the pollination was good for you and you feel full of buzz for the day ahead!


  1. Fantastic choices as always roll on the sunshine