Monday, 11 June 2012

Somewhere over the ...


With all the rain we've been having, I felt we need the sun to come out, and what do you get with rain and sunshine, rainbows, a promise of good weather and a little gift from the almighty to give us a lift.

So I have put together a rainbow gallery to prompt the sunshine to return, and if you follow these rainbows, they will lead to a treasure of their own!


When we follow the rainbow to its end, we hope to find a pot of gold, I'd settle for some golden sunshine and a little hint of summer before Autumn kicks in.  LOL!

I hope you have enjoyed my rainbow gallery and will visit each shop, I know that the leprechauns that own these rainbow creations will be pleased to have a visit.


  1. Just the thing to cheer us all up Natalie.

  2. Thank you Natalie for including my rainbow cushion. What a good idea for a collection! Definitely very cheery!


  3. what a gorgeous colourful selection!
    Faith x

  4. I like the rainbow cushion, what a nice lot of bright things:)
    crow cottage

  5. Beautiful range of makes Natalie - we need a rainbow at the moment to chase all this sogginess away!
    I've nominated you for a versatile blogger award as I love reading your blog, you can pop across to my blog to collect it Bev x

  6. This is just lovely! Thank you so much, Natalie! This has fairly brightened my day up :)
    Kirsten x

  7. Love this collection, well worth putting up with all this rain.

    Also I nominated your blog for a Versatile blog award, over on my blog. Please feel free to join in, but i just wanted to share your blog with others.

    Donna x

  8. Wow, that's fantastic, Natalie. It's peeing down here again, so you've really lifted my spirits!

    By the way, after receiving it myself, I've just passed The Versatile Blogger award to you - if you'd like to accept it, simply check out the rules here:

    Rosie. x