Thursday, 7 June 2012

Folksy Friday! Lucky Horseshoe!

Lucky Horseshoe!

I'm in need of a little luck, could really do with winning the lottery, (couldn't we all!) or someone bequeathing me a large sum of money, no strings attached!

Bills seem never ending, children seem to eat us out of house and home and they always seem to need new clothes, shoes, school trip payments and such like!

I love them, don't get me wrong, but I am sure they do not realise that the bank of Mum and Dad has a ceiling point beyond which it cannot reach and that the cash point is not a magic hole in the wall, that delivers cash whenever you want it!  LOL!

So hoping to reap some luck, I have put together some lucky horseshoe items!  

Could you do with some luck too?
Please come and check out these gorgeous items and see if the luck rubs off on you, just clip clop, sorry, click on the pictures to gallop to shop in question.

Hope you have enjoyed my lucky find this Friday and that they bring you good fortune!


  1. Love your selection love to come into money aswell never mind love the button horseshoe really beautifull

  2. Thank you for featuring my horseshoe card in this fab selection! The pearl button horseshoe is gorgeous!

    Debbie x

  3. Lovely items! Thanks for including my horseshoe :)