Friday, 9 December 2011

Sparkle Tastic!
Folksy Friday Features!

Firstly, I would like to to show you some of the gorgeous stones that have come out of our stone tumbler, found on the beach in Cyprus and tumbled to a gorgeous finish, over various cycles.

This gorgeous stone was muddy brown, but after all the polishing cycles has brought out stunning chocolate browns and caramels, with druzy caves of twinkling crystals, and would you believe it, its Jasper!

And this beautiful highly polished quartz was a chalky white and very dull stone, but look how it shines now, isn't nature amazing!

Mind you, both these stone threw our stone polisher into a fit, its only used to our smaller pebble finds, and decided to spill the contents of the barrel all over the workstation, and silted up the motor; we had to purchase a new one, so have turned out to be very expensive finds in the end.  LOL!

Onwards to FF Features!

I have been so busy of late, that I have not blogged since last Friday!  So here is a FF Blog just packed fully of Folksy Friday Features, chosen just because they are lovely and just a bit sparkly!

Gorgeous fingerless mittens, with a bit of sparkle from PollyKrafts

Beautiful fused dichroic glass pendant from the equally lovely The Glass Boutique

Amazing rare Agate Druzy Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver from the dazzling JAustenJewelleryDesign

 A Rich Metallic copper and Gold embellished A6 fabric covered notebook from Ritzy Swish

Beautiful polymer clay and facetted crystal glass necklace from the wonderful carols crafts

And just my favourite item from Yesterday's listings this truly beautiful copper ring from Abyjem

I hope you have enjoyed my Folksy Friday finds and will take a sparkle tastic look at some of these shops, please just click on the pictures to visit them and see more beautiful pictures of each item.


  1. thanks for the mention, a great collection x

  2. A lovely selection Natalie, what a pain about your tumbler though!!!!
    Thankyou for including my ring - Faith xx

  3. Nice things. I especially like that notebook cover.

  4. A lovely selection of goodies.

  5. What influence you have, I went to look at Faith's ring and it was sold x

  6. What a lovely collection Natalie. Thank you for including my earrings,

    Jacqueline x