Friday, 2 December 2011

Manic Friday!

Friday's are usually a wind down day for me, but not this Friday, with free listing on Folksy, getting the car loaded for a whole weekend craft fair, (taking all my stock), setting up at the craft fair and finishing a crocheted Trilby commission for a friend, its been all go!  Litterally!

But all done now!  Phew! So can happily relax for the evening, with a glass of wine, only the one, as have to be up early, but hey ho, enjoyable all the same!

So to finish off my day, would like to feature some of my Folksy friends with quirky and fun items.

Quirky Feature Gallery!

Super fun cards from the fantastic Squidsin!

Beautiful Recycled Champaigne Cheese board from the fantabulous blue daisy glass

Meditating Mummy by the wonderful MudMeddling

Something for the Tolkien fans from Gelert Design

A wonderful pooch creation from the pooch-tastic Dach Crafts

And finally one mad creation from myself, not sure if it is candy cane or light house like, up to you to decide.

Hope you have enjoyed my mad Folksy Friday this week and will visit the shops in question for a bit of fun and uplift on a manic day!

Thank you!



  1. Hi, I'd like to join in the blogging thread on folksy, if that's OK, so I'm having a quick blog hop around who already posted. You picked some really interesting items, I like those squiddy cards.