Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Classic Styling on Folksy

Classic Styles!

Folksy can inspire peeps to attempt a classic, with their personal design touch! My Crocheted Trilby Style Hat with Ribbon and Vintage button Detail, is such an example!

The Trilby, it was an experiment and l am pleased it has received such lovely comments.

Classic Features.

Superb Encaustic art, this stunning artwork created using wax and a hot iron.

Deep purple crocheted cloche hat with bow detail, amazing!

A fantastic recycled champagne bottle cheese board.

Mauve Baby Flower Shoes, these little shoes are made out of high quality mauve and white felt with cute little flowers on the top.

Please click in the pictures to visit the shops and view the items in all their glory!

Thank you!


  1. Your trilby hat is fantastic, lots of other lovely items too, I have my eye on one of those cheese boards as a christmas gift.

  2. What a lovely selection. The hat is great, love that unusual cheeseboard too.