Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Back to Blogging!
I have been having difficulty of late with my blog, writing blogs has been impossible, even commenting on other peoples blogs has been hard to do, but hopefully some of my blogging gremlins may be behind me, if not totally gone, at least allowing me to complete a semblance of a blog to support my fellow crafters.
This will be my first blog for the September Embers, and we are already more than half way through the month, I have been promoting via Facebook, stumbling and voting for items on craftjuice, as well as attempting to support as much as possible on the daily listing thread, keeping a tally of sales and generally happy hot coal dancing for every ones successes.
Rainbows and a Riot of Colour!
This morning I listed two items, instead of my usual one, but once I got going with this wonderful yarn, I just had to complete the ensemble and list them side by side. I will admit to being a little in love with this designer yarn, it is a real treat to work with, but as it is so expensive, I cannot afford to create with it that often.
I also discovered some gorgeous and colourful items from my fellow embers that I would like to share with you.

Sorry if this blog is not up to my usual standard, or as full and vibrant with listings as normal, but this is just about all my blogging gremlins will allow me to do for now.
Once I have posted something, it is refusing to let me move it around, so appologies for any blogging mishaps.
Please show your appreciation and support by viewing the wonderful creations by my fellow crafting Embers.
Thank you.


  1. Welcome back Natalie! Hope the gremlins are now banished.
    Thanks for featuring my earring sin your fab selelction. Your new creations are gorgeous, the yarn is beautiful

  2. whoop! nats back in the house! :o)

    love your rainbow knits today and am just a teensy bit in love with gemmas allsorts...why does that sooo wrong when i type it? :oO


  3. Good to see you back Natalie.
    I LOVE that yarn.
    Now a question for all you woolley people. Is there a difference between yarn and wool or are the terms interchangeable?

  4. Hope your gremlins stay away, nice colours in your knitting today x

  5. Yarn is a generic term for spun fibres. Wool is more specifically from sheep. However people often use wool as a general term to describe all sorts of yarns.

    lovely choices Nat :)

  6. Well, that totally makes sense now. I guess really then my local yarn shop shouldn't really call itself 'the wool shop'.

  7. Welcome back Natalie, nice to see you back in blogland.

    Great colourful items, love the new hat.

    Lynda x