Friday, 15 March 2013

Folksy Friday! Rolling in Clover!

Rolling in Clover!
The Luck of the Irish!

We could all do with a little bit if luck in today's climate, and with St Patrick's Day fast approaching, I thought a Folksy Friday, dedicated to the theme might bring a little luck to us all!

I have chosen the following gallery items for their clovers, colour and general wonderful workmanship, so please click on the pictures, to trip across the clover fields to the and roll in their splendour!  Maybe a little of the luck will rub off on you!

I hope you all feel a little more fortuitous and ready for the week ahead!

Good Luck to you all!


  1. Thanks very much for including my glass clover ring Natalie. Hope we all now have a lucky weekend.
    Joy xx

  2. Lovely choices Natalie, wishing everyone lots of luck! :) Thanks for including my card

    Leanne x x

  3. Lovely theme x

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